Here in my workshop,

  • I specialise in fine woodwork using traditional handtools and techniques. 
  • I maximise handwork in each piece as I believe it introduces aesthetic movement into my work that cannot be found in mass produced items.
  • I prefer to use ethically sourced wood acquired from local millers.
  • I find an elegant beauty in simplicity, simplicity is often challenging in that it can be complicated to execute and simplicity of design also introduces a modern aesthetic.


My workshop is a small barn situated in the garden of the property we rent here in Suffolk.  It must have been a very small cottage at one time as there is a house number still above the door and a fireplace inside.

When we arrived it was full of the landlord's items with ivy growing in through the eaves, rotten windows, even a dried snake in amongst the rubbish!

I repaired the windows, eaves, door and started the inevitable process of building a soundproof, floating room within the barn.

It was important for me to make sure no sound escaped to the outside as I didn't want noise from my cyclone, bandsaw and other machinery to disturb the neighbourhood!

None of the structure touches the barn and it all sits on a thick neoprene layer. In this picture you can see the 100mm rockwool insulation being installed.

After a full-on three weeks and even making new windows for the inside, I was ready to start woodworking.

Workshop 7.jpeg